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What are “Free Spins” offered by Online Casinos?

Almost every casino player would have heard about the term “free spins” offered by online casinos. The ultimate motive of online casinos to offer this facility is to attract the customers to their sites. Well, before diving into the casino world in the wake of such offers, it is crucial to know about the basic details of a different type of spins that casino companies offer. In this post, we have given the basic details about the three types of “free spins” which are offered in casino games.

No Deposit Free Spins – You must have experienced that casinos offer “free spins” to customers on the deposit of some money into the account. Well, these spins are not free as one gets these after paying some amount. These can just be considered as a way to continue a casino game for some more time. However, there is another category called, “no deposit free spins” which do not require submission of any money. These are completely free but casino companies want the customers to sign up on their websites to avail these offers. The problems arise when casino companies put the condition of “wagering requirements” which makes it difficult for players to convert the winning amount into real money. But still, “No deposit free spins” are free of cost and one could earn money using it without putting his hard earned money into his casino account.

Honest Spins – Honest spins is the rare category of spins offered by casinos. This simply involves no wagering amount to be charged from customers. You need not fulfill the condition of playing till a certain point and can take your money at home at any instant of time. Well, it is very rare these days to look for casinos who offer “honest spins”. However, if you find any casino website which offers no-wager spins then you must sign-up on their sites to take advantage of this opportunity.

Super Spins – The biggest problem that people face in “free spins” is that they don’t have high values which prevent people to convert their money into a respectable amount. This thing disappoints every player as there lies no point in investing the time when the profit is going to be negligible. However, Super Spins simply offers you high-value and one can enjoy playing every game with even low-stakes. But super spins are difficult to find and the wagering requirements in this type of free spins are more than other categories.

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