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Secretive Nature of SEO Leads to many Myths Around the Industry

Thousands of marketers every day are spending their time acquiring business through a search engine. SEO has most of its algorithmic secrets under wraps. Thus it leads to a huge number of myths around the industry. These myths are blatantly false some times and other times simply misconstrued or misplaced. Also there are so many SEO myths that exist but the user can actively avoid them in the ever-changing world of SEO. SEO by nature is full of gray areas and thus misinformation of all sorts spreads easily across the industry.

Googlers like John Mueller, Gary Illyes, and Danny Sullivan answer a lot of questions for the users on Twitter but there are many aspects of Google’s inner workings that they don’t share. Google does not give all information that leads to more misinterpretations and adding to that there are many and everybody writing a blog on SEO. There are no standards, no certifications, or degrees associated with SEO, so anyone attempts to write authoritatively on the subject. This multiplies the misleading information.

Reading up on resources that can help navigate misinformation on the web, educating oneself on proper SEO strategy so that one isn’t susceptible to myths is a habit to get on with. It definitely works for a user if they invest in SEO software to access data and streamline processes. They need to also only publish high-value content, carry out niche edits, and promote plus distribute the content to get it seen. This can be done with a smart link building strategy and creative campaigns. It helps to be picky when link building as links vary greatly in value. There is a need to look for links from sites one trusts completely.

Cathy Queen
Cathy Queen

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