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NH Lottery Commission wins a Lawsuit Against Federal Government

New Hampshire Lottery Commission has won a lawsuit against the federal government as the federal court judge declared that online lottery games don’t come under the federal laws. In its lawsuit filed by NH Lottery commission in the federal court, it mentioned that the Federal government had threatened to declare all online lottery games such as Powerball and Mega Millions as illegal.

In its 60-page ruling, the US District Court Judge Paul Barbadoro announced his decision in favor of NH lottery commission and protected millions of dollars of annual lottery revenue for education funding in the state. The Governor, Chris Sununu called the ruling as a historic win for the state of New Hamshire and appreciated the efforts made by the NH Lottery Commission to save public education in the state.

Charlie McIntyre, the executive director at NH Lottery Commission shared that the judge identified the strength of the argument made by them for the protection of $90 million in revenue for state education. The Judge cited the Wire Act of 1961 to rule out the US Department of Justice’s argument to not allow the functioning of the NH Lottery Commission.

The New Hampshire Lottery Commission sells tickets for multi-state games namely, Powerball and Mega Millions either from stores or on the internet. Also, one can buy tickets from powerballsite and check the result here only.

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