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How to Safely Bet on Cricket Online in India

Cricket betting online have been increasing in popularity across the world, with numerous punters preferring to use them over traditional betting shops. India is no exception to this trend either – there is a wide selection of betting sites online to select from when betting either for fun or for profit.

When it comes to online cricket betting, careful selection should be made to ensure the user’s safety, fair play and ease of financial transactions whilst enjoying the maximum possible of fun. But how can one find the best betting sites in India for cricket?

Finding one in which you can safely bet on using real money can be a overwhelming task. We will therefore seek to simplify the process by explaining the essential steps needed to complete the process.

The steps are as follows:

1. Verify Gambling Licence

The first important step is to verify the legal status of the site – license details are normally displayed at the bottom of the home page.

It is essential to check the jurisdictions of registrations as these equally determine the credibility of the site itself. Most safe betting sites are registered in Malta and other European countries, which give strict checks and balances ensuring fairness of games and other casino/betting features.

2. Check odds, market section and bonus offerings

Even if the betting site is indeed legally registered, the next question is what sports does it offer and what the odds are?

The best cricket betting sites have a wide array of odds such as match and tournament winners.

3. Check bonus options

Casino bonuses offer the option of maximising on value to both new and existing customers. Good casinos in India offer value promotions for both new and existing customers with good wagering terms.

4. Verify deposit and withdrawal options

What would a licensed and broad sportbook be worth to a punter if it doesn’t offer favourable deposit/withdrawal options? It is essential to verify the available options of depositing funds, and even their implications of receiving bonuses. Neteller and Skrill may be the favourite methods in India for such transactions. One should equally take note of the processing times and limits on withdrawals – good real money betting sites have very short processing times and reasonably good limits for making withdrawals.

5. Check for mobile betting and apps

With the ever-increasing usage of mobile devices, it is apparent that the future of online betting will be mostly mobile. It, therefore, becomes important to check the mobile compatibility of the site, which will allow the player to place bets from any location at any as long internet connection is available.

Some good also provide mobile applications that give an enhanced experience, especially when using flagship devices running on iOS and Android devices.

6. Check for the presence of player protection

Betting can be an addictive hobby and all players need to be cognizant of the addictive properties of it. Every licensed betting site have by law to promoting responsible gambling in order to help to prevent problematic behavious.

7. Check customer support

Murphy’s law – if anything can go wrong it will go wrong, it usually does so when you least expect to want or expect it to do so. Of course, in online betting, things sometimes go wrong, and it is essential to get customer support at the earliest convenience.

The punter needs to check customer chat availability – Most online betting sites offer chat/email/phone support for the greater part of the day, with quick response and functional help features.

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