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Difference Between Jackpot Slots and Progressive Slots

No matter if we are talking about a land-based or online casino, slot machines are still among most popular games around. Therefore, it’s no wonder there are so many different slot games in the offer these days.

Some are great if you’re chasing million-dollar jackpots, others won’t draw that much money from your pocket. Some of them are simple and convenient, others are more dynamical, with more complex rules and all those bonuses.

Despite all the variety, we can classify them into two main groups. Those would be Progressive Slots and classic Jackpot Slots, also known as non-progressive slots. Both types are very popular, and both feature some distinctive characteristics.

Jackpot Slots

Non-progressive slots, simply called a jackpot, have been around for decades. There must be 50 years or something like that since they appeared in land-based casinos. However, thousands of them can be found in virtual form as well. Naturally, they visually resemble their physical predecessors. So, you will usually see those well-known symbols like the big 7, bar, cherries, lemons etc. The biggest difference compared to progressive slots is in jackpot, which is fixed. It won’t change, no matter how much time you spend on playing a certain slot, or how many other players are also playing it.

Progressive Slots

Things with progressive slots are a little bit different. Of course, the biggest difference is that jackpot is not fixed, but rather progressive. It increases as a certain machine is played more. Moreover, these machines are usually connected. So, there is a so-called bank of all machines, or even a group of affiliated casinos. In any case, a jackpot is much bigger compared to fixed, non-progressive slots. Sometimes, it measures in millions of dollars, in life-changing sums. When some of the players hit jackpot, the whole process starts from the beginning. This starting jackpot amount is colloquially known as “reset”.

There are numerous progressive slot games and all of them are characterized by a modern layout, which looks more advanced, and also more complicated compared to traditional jackpot slots.

Advantages and Disadvantages

One thing is certain,  each type has advantages and disadvantages. The first question that comes to the minds of most people is why would they play non-progressive jackpots when they can win much more money with progressive slots making players feel more encouraged?

The main reason lays in the fact that odds of winning a non-progressive jackpot are much more likely. There’s no proof for such claims but in this case, the practice is a much better indicator than any calculation. 

Of course, that’s not the only reason. After all, not all players are chasing 7-figure wins. Most players play these games for fun, not to win some life-changing amounts. Also, many players prefer that old-school layout of traditional jackpot machines, which is also simpler and more convenient to play.

Another interesting aspect we should consider is that many players like to combine two types of slot games. For them, it doesn’t make too much sense to waste money on progressive slots when the jackpot is too low. Once the progressive jackpot becomes worth millions of dollars, they will try. Meanwhile, the will play fixed jackpots, if not for anything else, then to stay in shape.

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