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America’s Leading Sports Betting Company, William Hill US Presented $50,000 Gift to Rutgers University-Newark MFA Program

America’s leading sports betting company, William Hill US gave Rutgers University-Newark (RU-N) a check of $50,000 as a gift to be used for offering scholarships for students enrolled in RU-N’s Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Writing Program. The check was presented by William Hill at a press conference took place on 27 June at RU-N’s Alumni Center on Washington Street in Newark.

Rutgers-Newark started the MFA in Creative Writing Program in 2007 as one of the leading MFA programs in the US. It involves 36-credit-hour of studio program which focuses on 12 credit hours of writing workshop in a declared genre. It requires six thesis hours in which students work with their respective mentor professors for the requirement of 18 credit hours of graduate courses in literature.

William Hill U.S expressed his pride in awarding the gift to the Rutgers University MFA creative writing program. The gift was presented to boost the morale of students in creating their unique work at both professional as well as personal level. Like William Hill US, various sports betting companies contributed to give support to students for their education. One such example is the contribution of sbobet in supporting the underprivileged students on a global level. 

Professor Rigoberto Gonzalez, renowned poet and author who led the Creative Writing Program stated that their aim is to contribute to maintain the cultural energy of the city of Newark. He said that the funds they receive will be utilised in strengthening their efforts to provide assistance to students to help them achieve their goals.

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