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5 Countries where Sports Betting is Legal

Due to some relaxation in the norms of various countries across the world, sports betting has become legal in many countries in the world. In this post, we have enlisted the names of 5 countries where sports betting is legal. But despite giving their permission to allow sports betting, there are certain restrictions on betting in various sports. We have mentioned all the details about the circumstances under which sports betting is legal.


Betting in Argentina is only allowed for horse racing and there had been a ban on soccer betting by the government. An online betting system has been introduced after the world cup. For horse racing, betting is only allowed on the horse track and on some betting agencies only. Sports betting on horse racing was started in the year the 1880s and soccer betting was banned in 2018. Earlier, a lottery system was in action which was established in 1971 and later got banned in 1998.


Australia is also the state which allows sports betting on various games since it came into the picture in 1980. One can take part in betting in both betting parlors and online medium. However, it is not allowed to advertise various sports games betting on Tv as well as radios to avoid the promotion of gambling among children. Due to the initiation of sports betting, there are new revenue systems for the Australian government. Sportingbet apostas is one such online betting company which is famous for placing bets on various sports.


Sports betting was allowed in 2004 and presently, you could bet on all sports. It is possible to invest money in both online as well as betting parlors. However, the only restriction on sports betting in Ghana is that one should be over 18 years of old to place bets on all sports games. And betting ads are allowed in stadiums as well as team kits in Ghana.M


In Ghana, sports betting was made legal in 1964 on all sports in both betting parlors and online medium. Also, betting ads are allowed on team kits as well as stadiums. The legality of sports gambling targeted most vulnerable people living in poor areas. But it has introduced the source of income for people and local football clubs also get benefited due to sponsorship. is popular here for placing bets on games and it offers high odds for most of the matches.


Nigeria is another country in which betting is allowed since 2005 through the National Lottery Act. Sports betting is allowed in online mediums on all sports. There is an estimated sum of $4.2 billion which is invested on gambling on various sports betting.

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