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3 Tips to Encourage Gamblers to play at Slot Machines

If you’ve ever been to a casino, you must’ve dreamed of hitting the jackpot at a slot machine. The blinking lights, loud ringing, exciting jingles and screams of congratulations! It is the moment that all gamblers wait for. It doesn’t require any skills as the outcome is based purely on luck. Hence, some people might be scared to gamble at the slots. But this is the only place where you can get 1000 times the amount you bet.

Here are 3 tips that will encourage all gamblers to try their luck at slot machines like joker123. People can also look out for alternatif joker123 links if previous ones are not working. Remember that the next time you hit up a casino, and you’ll be able to maximize the payout and minimize losses.

1) Betting Maximum Coins

Higher denomination slots are the best machines to play at because they have higher payback percentages. A lot of gamblers opt for lower denomination machines because they’re afraid of taking risks. But the truth is, you would have much better odds playing at the more expensive slot machines. This is especially true for live slots with three mechanical reels. If the game is a pure multiplier, then the number of coins you bet makes no difference to the payback percentage. But for buy-a-pay and most progressive games with mechanical reels, you must absolutely bet max coins.

2) Scouting Jackpots

Progressive slot machines start at a base amount and build the jackpots with each bet. While scouting progressive slots, you shouldn’t play when the jackpot is at its minimum level. If you’re serious about winning, make frequent visits to check up on the jackpot levels. If a jackpot was hit before your visit, learn the payoff size. Play only when the jackpot is high to ensure better payback percentages. You should also look for ‘must win by’ slot machines. These machines advertise that by a certain amount the jackpot must hit. So, by waiting until the jackpot is closer to this amount, you will have better chances of winning.

3) Look for Banked Bonus Games

Here you can build a credit award or reach a specific target by spinning the reels. These credit awards are built when a player wins. Therefore, if someone has left a partially completed bonus, you can get an edge. But then again, these games are difficult to find nowadays. Look for them in live casinos that have some older machines.

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